Our Vision

We faciliate the emergence of
space ventures and empower them to
run sustainable and profitable businesses.

As a result we will altogether serve the Earth from space, utilise space resources
and allow the expansion of humanity into the Solar System.

Our Legacy

Telespazio Germany GmbH is one of Europe’s leaders in
satellite solutions and services.
Our long-year expertise in a full range of ground segment systems allows us to
develop cloud-based software solutions that solve the needs of new space ventures.

With 60 of experience and a unique track record in space technology,
Telespazio can empower your business to thrive with our innovative approach to
space operations: ENABLE, our true end-to-end platform, makes launches
for New Space companies happen!

No matter if your interest lies in Earth Observation, Telecommunication and Technology Demonstrators,
with ENABLE Mission Control, Mission Planning and Automation is a breeze.

Through centralised, customisable dashboards, you have a single source of truth over your operations.
That means faster, easier access to the data you need, empowering you to make
the best decisions for your business - anywhere, anytime.

You can also outsource the operations you want with our
Smart Operations as a Service (SOaaS).
Our proven expertise in ground operations delivers lean, cost-effective services that
help you achieve your goals - both today and over the long-term.

Our Team

This is who we are, where we come from
and what we passionately do



Nationalities in our team

Top fields our team burns for

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Moon Exploration

IoT Constellations

Earth Observation

On-Orbit Servicing

Asteroid Mining

Small Launchers

Andrés Martínez

Sales Point of Contact for SW

Srinath Logasubramanian

Sales Point of Contact for OaaS

Alessandro Baronio

Product Manager

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